Microvascular & Re-Implantation Surgery

Hand injuries are extremely dangerous and keeping in mind the intricacy and complexities in the internal connections within the hand and wrist, any surgery to this area needs extreme efficiency and delicacy. Amputations are one such critical injury to the hand or fingers. It could range from a portion of finger being amputed, to the wrist being cut off or a portion of the hand as well needing immediate hand replantation in Hanamkonda. These could be due to accidents or sharp objects, etc needing broken finger surgery in Warangal or broken hand surgery in Warangal.

Microvascular surgery in Warangal is essentially a surgery done with the help of a microscope to handle intricate areas of the body by best hand surgery doctors in Warangal, Dr.LaxmanSambari. Even the instruments used in the process are different from the usual, as they have very fine and tiny needles, superiorly fine sutures and other special devices. Microsurgery is usually performed during re-implantation of amputed parts to bring back the original level of circulation and function back to the tissues and nerves. However it is important to note that the re-implantation be done before the tissues begin to die. Therefore, it helps avoiding complete removal of the ampunted part.

microvascular re implantation in warangal

There are many surgical procedures used by Hand surgery specialist in Warangal which are done using microvascular process, especially on the hand, such as:

  • Nerve Grafting: In this process, a segment of the nerve is taken out and is used to replace the injured portion of another nerve. The damaged area or injured area is cut out and the grafted nerve is placed there by best finger surgeon in Warangal.
  • Repair of Blood Vessel: repair and replacement of damaged blood vessel is done in this process, this helps restore blood flow which was hindered due to the damage of the vessel.
  • Grafting of Vein: Vein grafts are similar to nerve grafts, where a part of unconnected vein is taken and placed in the place of a damaged vein, this is done to facilitate flow of blood.
  • Free tissue transfer: This is also called as free flaps. The idea behind this is to take portion of skin, fat, tissue also bone if necessary and attaching it to a different (injured) part of the body. The blood vessels that are present in this donor area are preserved and are attached to the supply of blood in recipient are to ensure proper blood supply.
  • Repair of nerves: Microscopic repair of the damaged nerves is done, be it end to end repair or just damaged area repair.
  • Amputation and Re-implantation: This is the most critical part of microvascular surgery, where an amputed finger or wrist or hand is re-attached to the same blood supply by repairing the damage and connecting the cut nerves and blood vessels in finger surgery clinics in Hanamkonda. Time taking and lengthy procedure in the hands of experienced professionals give excellent results for finger surgery in Warangal.

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