Liposuction, Gynaecomastia & Fat Grafting


Liposuction surgery in Warangal by liposuction specialist in Warangal is removal of fat from the body where normal diet and exercise don’t seem to help. The common areas where liposuction is done in best liposuction hospital in Hanamkonda are the abdomen, hips, thighs, neck, arms and buttocks. It not just removes the fat cells but also contours the area to look aesthetically good as well. Liposuction does not remove stretch marks or cannot get rid of the irregularities in the skin. The fat is essentially broken down and sucked out of the body in fat reduction clinics in Warangal. In this process, there are certain limitations pertaining to the amount of fat that can be removed from a particular area by best doctors for fat reduction in Warangal.

Even though results are long lasting, the patient needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle and do the required exercises post surgery as well to ensure right amount of healing and contour. It is extremely important to discuss openly with liposuction doctors in Warangal at best liposuction clinics in Warangal to have an agreeable expectation about the outcome of fat liposuction in Warangal.

male gynaecomastia treatment in warangal


Gynecomastia is the abnormal enlargement of the breast glands in men due to an imbalance of estrogen and testosterone hormones. This could affect one or both breasts. Breasts enlargement in men might not have a significantly major impact in a physical point of view however can cause embarrassment and decrement in confidence and need Gynecomastia treatment in Warangal or Male boobs treatment in Warangal at Best Gynecomastia hospitals in Warangal by Best doctors for male boobs in hanamkonda, Dr. LaxmanS ambari best cosmetology doctor in Warangal. Physically, enlarged breasts can cause pain and tenderness near the breast area. There might also be scenarios where nipple discharge is noticed from the breasts, this needs immediate treatment.

In case there is an underlying medical condition which is causing this to occur, the condition needs to be treated at Best Gynecomastia clinics in Warangal by Male boobs specialist in Warangal which inturn can treat this issue. In other cases, Gynecomastia surgery in hanamkonda might be done, such as liposuction which removes the fat from the breasts. Best Gynecomastia hospitals in Warangal have Mastectomy is the surgical removal of breast gland tissue, this is done by using smaller incisions and is comparatively a lesser invasive surgery entailing quicker recuperation.

Fat Grafting:

Fat Grafting else called fat transfer is a method in which fat is removed from one area of the body is transferred to another area. This is done to build up volume in the destination area. This process is relatively safe as fat consists of a large number of stem cells and since the source and destination are of the same person, the risk of infections or rejection from the body is low. The incision is small since the filling of fat is done via needles and the incision heals pretty quickly. However complete recovery might time some time.

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