Feeding Problems

Is it usually noted that children are fussy eaters and picky in what they eat needing children feeding problems treatment in Warangal. However eating right is extremely essential for right growth and development. Some of the common symptoms noticed by children feeding problems specialist in Hanamkonda which showcase that child is having troubles with their digestion and need medical supervision of Best paediatrician in Warangal, Dr. Sandhya Koorapati:

  • Not gaining weight.
  • Poor Apetitie.
  • Unable to process baby foods by 8 months.
  • Not able to eat table foods by 1 year.
  • Avoiding fruits & vegetables.

Common problems noticed in children by Best pediatric doctors in Hanamkonda:

  • Eating only picky foods or certain kinds of foods.
  • Avoiding vegetables.
  • Not chewing properly.
  • Keeping foods in mouth for long.
Children Feeding Problem treatment in Warangal