Facial & Facio Maxillary Surgery

Cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery is essentially procedures done to change the appearance of the person, to enhance it for cosmetic purposes or for medical reasons as well. Face surgery in Warangal consists of a wide range of services done on the face, jaw, neck area. Types of plastic & reconstructive surgeries in Best plastic surgery clinics in Warangal are:

  • Facial Implants: Augmenting a part of the face with an implant to enhance the feature is called facial implants, it could also be injecting fat into areas of the face in Face surgery clinics in Hanamkonda.
  • Chin or jaw reshaping (Mentoplasty): Surgery of the chin or jaw either by augmenting with an implant or by reducing the protrudeness by reshaping the bone by Best face surgeon in Hanamkonda.
  • Fillers: These could be either dermal of fat injections that are done to areas of the face. Fat injections might be done to bring in fullness of face, the fat is harvested from the patient’s own body and is injected. Dermal fillers in Plastic surgery hospitals in Warangal on the other hand help plump the lips, bring out the contours, diminish lines and wrinkles, decrease the creases and improve appearance of scars.
facial facio maxillary surgery in warangal
  • Otoplasty: This is essentially reshaping the cartilage of the ear to pin it back a little.
  • Blepharoplasty: This procedure is done on the eye lids to remove fat or bags
  • Rhytidectomy: This is the standard facelift procedure where excess fat and skin is tightened to contour the face better.
  • Forehead surgery to minimise or diminish lines or creases on the forehead.
  • Rhinoplasty: Reconstructing or shaping the cartilage of the nose by Best plastic surgeons in Warangal Dr. Laxman Sambari, this could be done for cosmetic purposes or for improving a birth defect or to solve the breathing problems due to damage to nose bone.
  • Cleft lip or cleft palate: These are abnormalities at birth which does not let the lip of the child to be developed properly, leaving a gap sometimes extending upto the nasal cavity.

Faciomaxillary surgery in Hanamkonda is a surgical speciality where the surgeons perform a vast variety of procedures on the head, neck, mouth, jaw and face. The conditions which facio maxillary surgeon in Warangal treat might include cancers in the head or neck area, oral reconstructive surgeries, etc in Best emergency hospitals in Warangal.