Complete Hand Surgery

Our best hand surgeon in Warangal is well experienced in a wide variety of hand surgeries based on what has caused the issue as well as underlying medical conditions, few of the common hand surgeries done at Best hand surgery clinics in Hanamkonda are:

  • Closed reduction & fixations: This is done when there is break of bone or fracture in any part of the hands including fingers. The broken part is put back together in place and corresponding fixtures such as splints or cast are placed for additional immobilization by Hand pain specialist in Warangal, Dr. Laxman Sambari, best plastic surgeon in Warangal.
  • Tendon Repair: Tendons are the fibres that connect the muscles to the bones. The repair of a tendon is an intricate process because of its structure and delicacy. A tendon could be injured due to a variety of causes such as injury or trauma or a rupture. The time gap between the injury and the surgery leads to three divisions in the tendon repair, namely, primary repair is done within 24 hours of injury for Hand injury treatment in Warangal. Delayed primary repair is when there is a gap of few days. Secondary repair occurs after two to five weeks of the injury depending on Best treatment for hand pain in Warangal.
complete hand surgery in warangal
  • Nerve Repairs: There are many major nerves which pass through the hand or wrist. Depending on the type of injury, nerves maybe damages of cut. In case of an injury, usually few weeks of time post the injury is left to understand the extent of nerve damage to proceed with the repair.
  • Fasciotomy: This surgery is done for compartment syndrome, which is swelling and pressure in small locations in the body. An injury could be the cause of this.
  • Drainage: Infections and cuts/bruises are a common issue when it comes to hand injuries. To stop the infection from spreading or to rid from the pain of an abscess, the pus is drained of the hand.
  • Debridement: In case of burns, the dead and burnt skin is carefully removed so as to clean the wounded area properly and sterilise it. This helps not only prevent infection but can also accelerate healing to that area in Hand injury clinics in Warangal.
  • Reimplantation: Amputations can leave a person partially disabled, with microvascular reimplantation, the risk of loss of that part is reduced as this surgery helps restore functionality back to that part in Best trauma clinics in Warangal.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: In this condition pressure is put on the median nerve, which causes pins and needles pain in the fingers. This surgery in Hand pain treatment hospitals in Warangal helps ease the pain and pressure of that nerve, thereby bringing back complete functionality to the hands
  • Congenital Abnormalities: Birth defects in children can be surgically corrected, things such as webbed fingers and extra fingers need intricate surgical correction.
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