Burns & Post Burns Complications

Burns are few of the most common accidents that take place and along with the frequency their severity is also high needing burning skin treatment hanamkonda in best hospitals for burning skin in Warangal or burning skin treatment clinics in Warangal. A burn could be due to dry heat electrical burn treatment in Warangal or such as fire however a scald needing treatment in scald burn clinics in Warangal is due to wet form like of heat such as steam or extreme hot water. In case of severe wounds, the area would need to be debrided first to remove all the dead skin by burning plastic surgery in Warangal. Once done, your plastic surgeon would then decide on the best course of treatment for your burn based on the area of burn and the severity of it.

The major types of surgeries for burns are:

  • Skin Grafts: A portion of the skin is removed from one part and transplanted to the burnt area. The recovery from this kind of treatment is fairly quick.
  • - Flap Surgery: IN this kind of surgery, skin along with the blood vessels which feeds it are taken from one part of the body to the injured area. This procedure helps retain functionality to the parts that have lost skin, fat and other tissues.
burn skin treatment in warangal

Some of the other techniques that could be used for post burn treatment in Warangal by best plastic surgeon in Hanamkonda, Dr. Laxman Sambari in best hospitals for flame burn in Warangal include:

  • Allograft
  • Artificial skin
  • Steroids
  • Silicon gel
  • Splints
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